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  • City Marketing Tilburg

    Great people from Tilburg


    The City of Tilburg, situated in the south of the Netherlands, houses a lot of great People, with a capital P! Creators, Innovators, and Individuals who just like to be different, not indifferent. City Marketing Tilburg asked Drawing Light to capture those special People. Take a look at www.tilburg.com for their stories!

    VDL Bus & Coach

    Dutch design in transporting people


    New models of VDL busses. Safety and design combined.


    A new piece of art we have produced. Making wood, glass and kit sexy.

    Moving shots made by Thomas Boden, macro stills by Camiel. Awesome editing by our Junior Kris van de Pol.


    Outdoor furniture collection 2018


    Keter Plastic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of resin-based household and garden consumer products. With a focus on innovation driven by consumer insight, Keter provides an impressive range of furniture, storage and organization solutions. For the 2018 catalogue Drawing Light shot a range of outdoor furniture.

    Culinary Art

    Made by Taste!


    For the exquise restaurant Taste! our food photography specialist made a series of their best dishes. Take a look at the menu at www.taste-tilburg.nl

    Tilburg Twilight

    Non commissioned work by Camiel Donders


    An art project that took more than 3 years by our founder Camiel Donders. He captured the fantastic City of Tilburg during twilight. Many well known landmarks stand out in beautiful indigo blue skies. Some of the monumental buildings were designed by Camiel's Great Grandfather, the architect Jos Donders.

    Roberto d'Angelo

    Italian shoes & bags


    Italian shoes & bags. Nothing else...

    Asega Media&Communication

    Everlasting projects for Asega. A hands on media & communication agency. Webcare, Social Media strategies and print media are the businesses their into


    Just some things we did for Asega last year

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    We see ourselves as painters like Rembrandt, Carravagio and Velázquez. We capture light. Only we use digital brushes instead of pig hair, pixels instead of paint.

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